National Kick Butt Day - October
Mon, Oct 10, 2022

National Kick Butt Day

National Kick Butt Day is celebrated annually on October 10th. It was created for those who need a powerful kick that will make them go to the goal. Are there such readers here? We invite you to join the celebration and tell others about it!


People sometimes give up positions. There are many reasons for this: severe fatigue, lack of motivation, burnout… Not everyone can cope with the situation without kicking themselves in the ass.

National Day inspires everyone to reach for their dreams and stay on track. This is a difficult path, but the finish line will definitely please you! Excuses are not allowed on this date, so you still have to go ahead. The truth is indestructible: if a person wants to get what he wants, he goes and does what will help him achieve his goal.

The holiday was first celebrated in 2003. He instantly gained popularity! Many participants of the events said that they met like-minded people who helped them get out of uncertain working situations. Helping each other is always great.

Interesting facts

Points to help you move forward:

  • support of loved ones. How can you let your family down and not achieve what you wanted? In addition, the family warms in difficult times;
  • reward for success – make it a habit to treat yourself to delicious dishes, buy things, spare no money for travel;
  • choose goals that resonate, otherwise you will have to convince yourself that they really interest you.

How to celebrate

There are many ideas for celebrating: apply for a dream job, start a new hobby, get a pet, fulfill an old dream, start learning a foreign language, read an inspiring book or create your own, go in for sports, sort out a long-torturing issue … The main thing is not to quit halfway through way. It is also a great day to gather the whole family and talk about your plans!

When is National Kick Butt Day celebrated in 2022?

National Kick Butt Day is observed on the second Monday in October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 10 2022
Monday October 9 2023
Monday October 14 2024
Monday October 13 2025
Monday October 12 2026

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