National Jukebox Day - November
Wed, Nov 22, 2023

National Jukebox Day

National Jukebox Day is celebrated in the United States the night before Thanksgiving. This is an important date for music and relaxation lovers. Americans have long spent evenings in eateries listening to the tunes of jukeboxes, which were also popular in other countries. It’s a great chance to get nostalgic!


The first jukebox was introduced in France in 1889, developed by Thomas Edison. However, he was not an entrepreneur and the machine was improved by Louis Glass, who added a coin acceptor and received a patent for the invention. Production of the machines increased significantly. Initially, the machines were installed at crowded fairs, with crowds of onlookers gathering around them. They then began to be placed in entertainment establishments, and it became popular to throw a coin and choose a favorite song – people would dance in bars until the morning! In the 80s, the devices became less popular, as they were replaced by the era of digitalization. However, even today you can still find places with jukeboxes – you just have to look around! Or join the fan community on National Day to get the latest news.

Interesting facts

  • The famous model Wurlitzer P10 was introduced in 1933 and played 10 records.
  • In the 60s, they produced automatic machines with a remote selector.
  • Jukeboxes have been featured in the cinema more than once.
  • In 2013, criminals in California stole a jukebox instead of an ATM – they were probably under the influence of alcohol!
  • Vintage models are highly collectible and cost a lot of money.

How to take part

Find an institution with a jukebox, invite your friends, and have fun with good music. Learn more about the history of the jukebox and share the information with others. Even if you can’t find a jukebox, listen to tracks on your phone, computer, TV, or speakers. Celebrate National Jukebox Day!

When is National Jukebox Day celebrated in 2023?

National Jukebox Day is observed on the night before Thanksgiving each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 22 2023
Wednesday November 27 2024
Wednesday November 26 2025
Wednesday November 25 2026