National JoyGerm Day - January 8
Mon, Jan 8, 2024

National JoyGerm Day

National JoyGerm Day offers just to be happy and give joy to others! This is one of the most positive days of the year. Passes on January 8 during colds and winter illnesses – that’s why it’s important to celebrate it by changing negative microbes to positive ones!


Joan White of Syracuse founded National Day in 1981. She lived in the state of New York and worked as an advertising specialist. This played a significant role for the holiday – the woman knew how to colorfully present information, people reached out to her, becoming interested in the date. National JoyGerm Day was first celebrated on her mother’s birthday. White admitted that her mother inspired new victories and achievements.

The main purpose of the holiday is clear, but there is one more – to honor a single woman who popularized an interesting National Day in the name of good. Her positivity and incredible energy can be envied. When things don’t work out, remember White and mark the date on any day of the year.

Interesting facts

Did you know:

  • laughter is available not only to people – dogs, primates, rats are subject to it;
  • children under 6 laugh about 300 times every day;
  • scientists have proven that people will be more amused by videos where people find themselves in serious situations in which they try to restrain outbursts of laughter;
  • it is easier to smile – 2,5 times less muscles are involved in action than in frown;
  • a person will live longer if he laughs daily for 10 minutes, preferably in companies.

How to celebrate

Laugh, have fun, do positive things and don’t let negativity into your life! Help people who need it, join the ranks of volunteers. Read jokes and tell them to people, send funny memes in messengers.

When is National JoyGerm Day celebrated in 2024?

National JoyGerm Day is observed on January 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 8 2024
Wednesday January 8 2025
Thursday January 8 2026
Friday January 8 2027

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