National Internet Day - October 29
Sun, Oct 29, 2023

National Internet Day

National Internet Day is celebrated on October 29 and honors the great invention of mankind – the World Wide Web. We can’t imagine a day without it – mail, social networks, entertainment resources, news feeds – all of these are integral parts of our lives. But once, no one could have imagined that all this would be possible in the near future!


The first Internet connection was made in 1969, 2 months after the Apollo 11 mission. The idea of National Internet Day was quickly embraced by netizens, and it was impossible to refuse the opportunity to celebrate the holiday. The Internet became public in 1991 and continues to expand its horizons to this day.

Surprisingly, many countries are not able to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet due to either a complete or partial government ban. China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Syria are some of the countries that restrict citizens from free access to the network. According to statistics, 58% of the global population uses the Internet.

Many people are involved in its development. For example, the “computer Johnny Appleseed” – as the population calls him – was the pioneer of the Internet. He gave a structural understanding of the network even before its inception. And there are plenty of other computer scientists like him!

Interesting facts

  • In 2019, there were 4.39 billion Internet users.
  • Google is the most visited search engine in the world.
  • According to some reports, people spend about 3 hours a day scrolling through social networks – possibly even more.
  • Every day there are 1 million new users.

How to take part

Take advantage of all the Internet has to offer – study, watch useful lectures, take part in calls with like-minded people or in official conferences, study history, play, and more. Where there is an Internet, there is never a dull moment. Throw a party dedicated to the holiday and invite your friends to join in the fun!

When is National Internet Day celebrated in 2023?

National Internet Day is observed on October 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 29 2023
Tuesday October 29 2024
Wednesday October 29 2025
Thursday October 29 2026

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