National I LOVE My Feet Day - August 17
Thu, Aug 17, 2023

National I Love My Feet Day

On National I Love My Feet Day, we bring up a variety of issues that concern our feet. Many associate them with something rough and do not pay due attention to them; however, the legs carry the load of the body daily and experience various stresses. Neglecting them is unacceptable!

The History

This National Day was invented by Carolyn Jenkins, so people would pay attention to their legs and turn to specialists. Many, unfortunately, do not visit doctors until the last, even if there are problems with their limbs.

You can take care of your feet at home, preventing various diseases: wear the right shoes, remove dead skin in time, do a pedicure, use emollient creams and scrubs, etc.

Carolyn introduced the holiday in 2015 in May, and in August the date became official.

Funny facts

  • While jogging, the feet experience 6 times the weight of our body;
  • Legs grow rapidly – their size in a one-year-old child is almost half of an adult;
  • Feet can smell bad due to bacteria growing in the sweat;
  • Toenails grow 4 times slower than fingernails;
  • In the morning, the legs are 8% smaller than in the evening;
  • 85% of girls wear shoes ‘back-to-back’ or a size smaller;
  • In a lifetime, a person walks enough to make 3 revolutions around the Earth.

How to take part

National I Love My Feet Day is perfect for caring for your feet! Get a pedicure, foot bath, or massage.

If you have been putting off a visit to the doctor for a long time, it is time to do it now.

Throw away uncomfortable shoes and buy new ones.

Go hiking – movement is life!

And the last thing: you need to take care of your feet daily; make it a habit and ensure your health for many years to come.

When is National I Love My Feet Day celebrated in 2023?

National I Love My Feet Day is observed on August 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 17 2023
Saturday August 17 2024
Sunday August 17 2025
Monday August 17 2026