National I Care About You Day - October 25
Tue, Oct 25, 2022

National I Care About You Day

National I Care About You Day is celebrated on October 25 and is one of the cutest holidays ever! What could be better than taking care of a loved one? We often lack attention, love, and simple words like, “Do you need anything? I’ll do it for you”. Today it is worth getting together with the family and saying the most important words to everyone!


We don’t know who founded the National Day, but this person took care of us! Now every year we celebrate a date on which we can feel free to show concern for others. Living in a frantic pace, people often forget about others. It is important to realize that we are programmed for relationships, loneliness is a bad idea in every sense. No amount of money will help to heal from internal wounds: sincerity and friendship are priceless.

Scientists have done interesting research: they talk about how healthy social relationships easily replace drugs. This fact protects from early death, makes you develop and move on, even promotes better wound healing. The stress hormone cortisol is produced in smaller amounts and there is an amazingly pleasant feeling that you are part of something big! This is great!

How to celebrate

Top ideas at National I Care About You Day:

  • organize a party and make it open to everyone. Invite friends who, in your opinion, need care and attention. They may be new to your organization or just moved to the city;
  • create beautiful postcards. Do not use electronic pictures, draw a unique creation on a regular sheet of paper. Now this is an unusual step, but a very pleasant one;
  • gather the family for a delicious dinner and tell how much you love – open your feelings!;
  • write a post and dedicate it to your friends – let everyone know about your concern;
  • use the hashtag #NationaliCareAboutYouDay on the Internet.

Reach out to your loved ones on October 25 – make yourself and everyone you love happier.

When is National I Care About You Day celebrated in 2022?

National I Care About You Day is observed on October 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 25 2022
Wednesday October 25 2023
Friday October 25 2024
Saturday October 25 2025
Sunday October 25 2026