National HVAC Tech Day - June 22
Sat, Jun 22, 2024

National HVAC Tech Day

A person tends to perceive technological progress as something natural. However, there is history and work behind every discovery; this must be remembered on National HVAC Tech Day. Turning on the air conditioner on a hot summer day on June 22, try to appreciate the comfort that surrounds you, thanks to these technical developments.


The first primitive air conditioning technology appeared with the ancient Romans. During the same period, heated houses appeared in Asian countries, where pipes were laid under the floor. Hot water was piped through them, creating an acceptable air temperature in the room. The discovery by Albert Marsh of electric heating elements accelerated the invention of modern household appliances. The ARS/Rescue Rooter service company decided to express gratitude to the employees who made the systems work flawlessly for long periods of operation. This national day appeared in 2016.

Interesting Facts

Competent modern maintenance of cooling and heating systems ensures the rational use of resources. It allows a person to make their life more comfortable without compromising the environment.

  1. In Ancient Egypt, wet towels were used to cool down on hot days. They were hung from windows.
  2. In the first Chinese civilization, something similar to fans was used. Simple devices were installed near water to spread coolness.
  3. The first air conditioner went on sale in 1902.

For the first time, large-scale installation of air conditioners took place in cinemas.

How to Take Part

Express your gratitude to the service specialists by creating a post on social networks and accompanying it with a message of thanks. Increase the level of knowledge about people, inventors, and scientists who participated in these scientific discoveries. Their conclusions became the basis for the creation of this technology.

When is National HVAC Tech Day celebrated in 2024?

National HVAC Tech Day is observed on June 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 22 2024
Sunday June 22 2025
Monday June 22 2026
Tuesday June 22 2027
Thursday June 22 2028
Friday June 22 2029

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