National Honesty Day - April 30
Tue, Apr 30, 2024

National Honesty Day

Tell the truth and remain sincere on April 30, when National Honesty Day comes, marking the triumph of truth. People lie, feeling sorry for their loved one, or trying to achieve goals, or in an attempt to seem better. Deception is perceived painfully and sometimes takes the form of betrayal. Try to avoid lying.

The History

The founder of this holiday is Hirsh Goldberg, who wrote The Book of Lies in 1990. Lies are ranked according to their severity: harmless lies (no disastrous consequences), lying to yourself (person tries to convince themself), flattery or unjustified compliments (the essence does not correspond to reality), deception to maintain a relationship, offensive words to hurt opponent’s feelings, and obsessive need.

How to take part

Stop lying on this holiday. Make sure it is a simple, doable task. The results will pleasantly surprise you.

  1. Confess, reveal a secret that weighs heavily on you. Frankness becomes the best choice in maintaining a relationship.
  2. Start communicating with colleagues and subordinates by selecting a type of communication that engenders trust. Give up email. Choose conference calls or video calls to strengthen team loyalty and improve the work environment.
  3. Realize that bad truth is better than a sweet lie told with good intentions. Trust is difficult to earn, but it can be lost in mere moments.

People feel insecure because of an inability to read people’s thoughts. Distrust in society is the result of deception one has to face at work or in interpersonal relationships. Be honest, this way makes the world better, kinder, more responsive, and clearer.

When is National Honesty Day celebrated in 2024?

National Honesty Day is observed on April 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday April 30 2024
Wednesday April 30 2025

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