National Grateful Patient Day - September 7
Thu, Sep 7, 2023

National Grateful Patient Day

National Grateful Patient Day is celebrated annually on September 7th. This is the best time to show your appreciation and gratitude to medical professionals. This day is also dedicated to families who have become guardians.


National Grateful Patient Day celebrates those who do their best to keep their patients healthy and happy. Unfortunately, people have little to thank their saviors, because it is difficult to find a gift equivalent to a human life. We are obliged to say words of gratitude, because it does not just cheer up, but motivates us to work and help further. If for patients, doctors are life-giving moisture, then for doctors, words of gratitude from patients are a necessary breath of air.

National Grateful Patient is a non-profit company founded by NFL player and Person of the Year Rolf Benirschke in 2017. He had to go through two difficult operations and spend a long time in the hospital. After these trials, he decided to create an organization in order to express gratitude to the doctors in this way.

Interesting facts about nurses

  • Most nurses are foreigners.
  • According to statistics, one in eight nurses practice in a country other than the country where they were born.
  • Nursing is the most in-demand profession.
  • In just one shift, a nurse can walk up to 5 miles.
  • Nursing is a well-paid profession.

How to take part

Thank the medical staff. You can do it in a convenient way – by phone, on a social network, by a note, or in person. Believe me, every person appreciates gratitude. Donate money or your time to medical organizations. Write about this a noble day on social networks and urge people to thank medical staff.

When is National Grateful Patient Day in 2023?

National Grateful Patient Day is observed on September 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 7 2023
Saturday September 7 2024
Sunday September 7 2025
Monday September 7 2026