National Go Barefoot Day - June 1
Sat, Jun 1, 2024

National Go Barefoot Day

June 1 is National Barefoot Day. Anyone can join this celebration, walk without their shoes on the grass, and experience pleasant sensations. It is also a good day to join a charity event that reminds us not every family can afford shoes. On this day, money is collected to buy sandals and boots for children from low-income families.


Walking barefoot has very ancient roots. It has always been considered a kind of hardening that helps to strengthen the immune system and human health. Some people were taught to walk barefoot from childhood. In ancient times, walking barefoot was a certain cult, as it brought a person closer to the earth. In Ancient Greece, people under the age of 18 were not allowed to wear shoes. Socrates, in order to find the right thought, walked barefoot on the grass.

Walking barefoot makes us a little freer and healthier. It brings us closer to nature and improves our mood. To commemorate this, National Barefoot Day was created. Charity events are organized on this day. Volunteers organize collections of shoes (both new and used), as well as funds for the purchase of shoes, which are donated to low-income families. About 40 million pairs of shoes for low-income families have been collected worldwide.

Interesting Facts

Walking barefoot activates mental activity and promotes health. But do not forget about the advantages of shoes.

  1. You can even walk without shoes in public places. There’s no law prohibiting this. But make sure the public space is clean and safe.
  2. With frequent barefoot walking, the foot may become wider.
  3. In the past, there were no boots specifically for the right or left foot.
  4. There are 70,000 nerve endings on the foot connected to internal organs. Walking barefoot on pebbles massages them and sends impulses to the liver, kidneys, stomach, and heart, improving their function.
  5. In ancient times, shoes were considered a sign of wealth.

How to Take Part

On National Barefoot Day, walk barefoot on grass or pebbles. Relax and try to feel how your body is filled with energy. Donate shoes to low-income families. Do you have a pair of shoes you don’t wear? Believe me, there are people who will be thrilled to have them.

When is National Go Barefoot Day celebrated in 2024?

National Go Barefoot Day is observed on June 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 1 2024
Sunday June 1 2025
Monday June 1 2026
Tuesday June 1 2027
Thursday June 1 2028
Friday June 1 2029