National Ghost Hunting Day - September
Sat, Sep 28, 2024

National Ghost Hunting Day

National Ghost Hunting Day is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of September. The holiday is unusual because it is dedicated to paranormal phenomena. Many of us have encountered something inexplicable in life. Some believe ghosts are a reflection of our subconscious, while others believe that ghosts exist.


The holiday was established by Haunted Travels to encourage people who believe in the paranormal not to give up their beliefs. Mysteries related to the supernatural have existed for many centuries, as they excite and attract people. The ghost hunting holiday kicks off a season filled with rides and festivities. The proceeds from ticket sales are donated to animal shelters.

Interesting Facts

  • Most often, ghosts are searched for in abandoned and historic buildings.
  • Ghost hunters also search in cities with particularly cruel and bloody histories.
  • Many famous places, such as the White House and the Tower of London, are shrouded in legends and are associated with paranormal phenomena.
  • Every ghost hunting event involves a visit to some strange, unusual place.

How to take part

Gather your friends and organize a team of ghost hunters, plan a route, and go on an adventure. Read books about the paranormal or watch horror films about ghosts. If you prefer a fun-filled getaway, have a themed party in the style of your favorite horror movie.

When is National Ghost Hunting Day celebrated in 2024?

National Ghost Hunting Day is observed on the last Saturday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 28 2024
Saturday September 27 2025
Saturday September 26 2026
Saturday September 25 2027
Saturday September 30 2028
Saturday September 29 2029