National Forget-Me-Not Day - November 10
Thu, Nov 10, 2022

National Forget-Me-Not Day

National Forget-Me-Not Day is an event that appeared on the calendar with a noble mission – to pay tribute to soldiers who did not return from the battlefield or returned with severe injuries. These heroes and their deeds cannot be forgotten. The holiday has been celebrated every year on November 10 since the First World War, but sometimes it is unfairly forgotten when preparing for Thanksgiving.


The symbol of the holiday was a cute flower – forget-me-not. This plant symbolizes longing for a loved one. In New Zealand, the event is dedicated to the relatives of those who have lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease. There are several versions of the origin of this holiday, but its mission and essence is the same – to honor the memory of all those we have lost.

Founded National Forget-Me-Not Day just after World War I. Then Judge Robert S. Marks declared November 10 a day of remembrance for those who suffered severe physical injuries in the war – limbs, a lot of blood, other parts of the body.

Interesting Facts

  • At National Forget-Me-Not Day, forget-me-nots are bought and sold, and the proceeds go to the needs of the wounded.
  • During the First World War, bomb explosions were heard at a distance of 140 miles. When the battle was in Belgium, explosions were heard in England.
  • During the war, postmen delivered about 12 million letters to soldiers every week.
  • According to historical data, the youngest soldier during the First World War is a boy of twelve years old from Britain.
  • After the First World War, it was military surgeons who began to develop facial plastic surgery.

How to celebrate

Be sure to buy a bunch of forget-me-nots, give them to a familiar war veteran who was wounded. Donate what you can to the Charitable Foundation, which supports war veterans. Become a volunteer in such a Foundation and help people. Inform the public about the holiday, study history, read about the exploits of soldiers during the First World War.

When is National Forget-Me-Not Day celebrated in 2022?

National Forget-Me-Not Day is observed on November 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 10 2022
Friday November 10 2023
Sunday November 10 2024
Monday November 10 2025
Tuesday November 10 2026