National Flower Day - March 21
Thu, Mar 21, 2024

National Flower Day

National Flower Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the national flower. In the United States, this proud title went to the rose. It is celebrated on March 21. This holiday is a great excuse to learn more about roses and even give someone a fragrant bouquet of these flowers.


The history of National Flower Day begins in 1986, when President Reagan signed the Resolution recognizing roses as the nation’s national flower. And today we continue to celebrate the occasion by enjoying the mesmerizing appearance of the flower and its seductive fragrance. Also, people can perceive this holiday in their own way and dedicate it to their favorite flower or garden work for planting and caring for any flowers.

Roses are very ancient flowers. According to historical information, they were as far back as Ancient Egypt. This is evidenced by the images of these flowers on the tombs of Egyptian rulers. The rose is believed to have begun in our era with Greek gardens in the 4th century. Then the flower spread all over Europe. It came to the U.S. thanks to the European conquerors during the period of the Great Geographical Discoveries.

Interesting facts

  • Interestingly, the signing of the National Flower Resolution, took place in a garden with lots of roses.
  • Roses can be associated with different feelings and events: love, grief (usually dark brown roses are used), betrayal (the presence of thorns), etc.
  • The rose appeared as the flower of love in the culture of the Middle Ages. You can find many images of knights and princes presenting their beloved with this flower.

How to celebrate

Learn more about roses and their varieties. Treat yourself or your loved ones with a bouquet of these or any other flowers. You can buy rose-scented perfume or take a bath with rose petals! The options for celebrating are many.

Spread the word on social media. Ask users what their favorite roses are (color, shape, etc.).

When is National Flower Day celebrated in 2024?

National Flower Day is observed on March 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday March 21 2024
Friday March 21 2025

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