National First Love Day - September 18
Wed, Sep 18, 2024

National First Love Day

National First Love Day is an annual celebration of first love, celebrated on September 18th. Remember your first love and your feelings. It could bring both positive and negative emotions. In any case, it was an important life lesson that made it possible to move forward.


There is no information about the origin of this holiday. It has been celebrated in the US since 2015. This holiday could have been created by a person for whom their first love was unforgettable. The sweet melancholy of the past became the basis for the creation of National First Love Day.

In society, it is customary to celebrate holidays dedicated to love. However, all of them (for example, Valentine’s Day) are dedicated to current relationships and feelings in the present, but National First Love Day allows you to make a small mental journey into the past.

The holiday provides an opportunity for each person to remember how their first love began. These were sincere feelings for a partner. First love is an experience that made it possible to understand mistakes and not make them in the future.

Interesting Facts

  • Butterflies in the stomach are sensations caused by the release of adrenaline at the sight of the person you like.
  • According to statistics, the higher the level of testosterone in a man, the less likely he is to want to tie the knot.
  • Studies have confirmed that looking at a photo of a loved one they had to separate from can cause women physical pain.

How to Take Part

Look at memorable photos or look for mementos that remind you of your first love. Try writing a poem or song to express your emotions. You can watch romantic movies or read books.

If you have a partner, spend time with them. The past is a good lesson, but you need to appreciate the present, so dedicate a day to the person who is dear to you.

When is National First Love Day celebrated in 2024?

National First Love Day is observed on September 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 18 2024
Thursday September 18 2025
Friday September 18 2026
Saturday September 18 2027
Monday September 18 2028
Tuesday September 18 2029

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