National Draw a Dinosaur Day - January 30
Tue, Jan 30, 2024

National Draw a Dinosaur Day

Dinosaurs have always been associated with mysticism and magic. Some consider them terrible monsters, while others call them charming creatures. Armed with pencils and brushes, anyone can create their own character. It is best to do this on a special holiday – National Draw a Dinosaur Day.


An unremarkable student named Todd Page during one of his anthropology classes began to draw dinosaurs in a notebook. The lesson seemed to him not only funny, but also extremely exciting. The guy invited friends to keep him company. The guys gave vent to their emotions, allowed them to control their minds and did not notice how they finished their creations.

Page decided to register this day as National Draw a Dinosaur Day. The date is January 30th. Quite quickly, the holiday gained popularity thanks to social networks. And after a few decades, they do not forget about him. The main task of the celebration is to enjoy the process of drawing. To do this, you do not need to be a brilliant artist, just make a little effort and enjoy the result.

Fun facts

  1. In 2017, to celebrate the anniversary of Dinosaur Draw Day, Todd is creating his own website so that everyone in the project can share their drawings. So more people knew about it.
  2. Huge ferocious creatures died out about sixty-five million years ago, but people still talk about them. They hope to reveal all the secrets of their existence.
  3. Drawing helps to cope with stress. Often people do not even think about what they are doing when they are completely immersed in the process. They gradually get rid of all the problems, and each character turns out to be individual.

How to celebrate

From the name of the holiday it is clear that on this day you need to take up drawing. It’s not very fun to create alone, so it’s better to try to gather as many people as possible. This activity will be especially interesting for children who are just starting to get to know the gigantic outside world. You can even arrange a competition among friends, relatives or neighbors. Don’t forget to share your creations on social media, telling your followers about the new tradition.

When is National Draw a Dinosaur Day celebrated in 2024?

National Draw a Dinosaur Day is observed on January 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 30 2024
Thursday January 30 2025
Friday January 30 2026
Saturday January 30 2027

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