National Dog Fighting Awareness Day - April 8
Mon, Apr 8, 2024

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is an American holiday designed to raise public awareness about dog fighting. This popular pastime among some people is actually the common abuse of animals. Yes, they are usually fed and treated, but bloody fights result in horrific injuries that often cause dogs to die in agony. The holiday is celebrated annually on April 8.


The history of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day begins in 2014. The holiday was widely supported by various animal welfare organizations.

In general, dogfighting has an ancient history. Researchers claim that the origins of these brutal competitions are in Britain in 43 AD, when the Romans invaded the country. At that time, both armies used dogs that had been sharpened for battle. They were aggressive dogs who spared no life throwing themselves at enemy soldiers and other dogs. The Romans later appreciated the value of fighting dogs and began to breed them specifically for the purpose of entertainment. In time, dogfighting spread throughout Europe.

In medieval England, dogs were often forced to fight wild, dangerous animals that were chained together. Often these were bears or bulls. In the 19th century, because of the decrease in the number of these animals, a law was passed forbidding such fights. However, people quickly found a way out: they started releasing dogs against dogs. The development of genetic engineering led to the creation of new breeds of dogs ideally suited for fighting.

Serious monitoring of dogfighting in the United States began only in 1976. In all states they were declared illegal. In 2007, the Animal Fighting Prohibition Act was introduced.

Interesting facts

  • In today’s world, dogfighting remains a shady business. Dozens of operations are conducted every year to identify such places.
  • In the 1860s, dogfighting was made illegal in the United States. However, it took nearly 50 years for the law to begin to work.
  • After rescuing dogs from holding facilities, dog handlers must work with them so that they do not endanger people.

How to celebrate

Learn more about dogfighting. What breeds are most commonly used? If you know anything about dogfighting, report the information to the appropriate authorities immediately. Help save the animals!

Spread the word on social media. Let more people know about it!

When is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day celebrated in 2024?

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is observed on April 8 each year.


Monday April 8 2024
Tuesday April 8 2025
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