National Dice Day - December 4
Mon, Dec 4, 2023

National Dice Day

National Dice Day is celebrated in America on December 4th. It’s a great day to play your favorite game with your friends! Cubes are popular all over the world and are irreplaceable in many ways – learn more about them!


The bones, or dice, have been around for many years, but researchers have not agreed on where they first appeared. A 5200-year-old set for playing backgammon was found in Iran. This discovery amazed scientists, as the edges of the cubes practically did not differ from modern ones. Many believe that for the first time they appeared as a magical attribute – they were used for divination, to learn fate and the future.

Pharaohs, emperors, and ordinary people all played dice. Everyone wanted to gain mastery over them in order to constantly win. Craftsmen made cubes with an advantage on one side – where the largest number was indicated. There were other fraudulent schemes, so in Europe there was a special Guild fighting crooks.

It’s great that the game has survived to this day, although there were times when many things were forbidden and prohibited. In Britain, bones were very popular with pub-goers. If they were absent in the institution, then the guests could rebel.

Interesting facts

  • Researchers have found murals depicting quarreling gamblers being kicked out of a bar.
  • Throwing dice for money formed a Roman law which stated that a person who allowed to play in their house had no right to file a claim for any reason.
  • Ancient cubes did not differ in perfect forms – their corners could be beveled, and flaws were visible to the naked eye.
  • Nobody knew about the theory of probability at that time, so the players relied on the will of the Almighty.

How to take part

Find an interesting game and invite your friends! Compete between teams and record your progress. Learn more about game dice – study their history in different countries of the world.

When is National Dice Day celebrated in 2023?

National Dice Day is observed on December 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday December 4 2023
Wednesday December 4 2024
Thursday December 4 2025
Friday December 4 2026