National Day of Listening - November
Fri, Nov 24, 2023

National Day of Listening

National Day of Listening is celebrated right after Thanksgiving and its purpose is to encourage people to become better listeners. It was founded by the American non-profit organization StoryCorps in 2008 and its main mission is to preserve and reproduce the stories of different segments of the population.


The holiday was founded by radio producer David Isai, who was inspired by the stories his grandparents told him as a child. He wanted to create an organization that could capture these stories and store them in a digital archive so that families could listen to them in the future.

Interesting facts

  • When someone is listened to, they feel like a valued part of the world.
  • StoryCorps has listened to over 600 thousand people since its founding.
  • Most of the information we learn comes from conversations with other people, rather than books, the Internet, or news feeds.
  • The average human ear can listen to 450 words in 1 minute.
  • Including stories in the background of a case can reduce anxiety.

How to take part

Participating in National Day of Listening is simple. Listen to others and give your full attention to the person you are speaking with. Interview loved ones and record their stories to share on social media. This is a great way to learn more about the people around you and to connect with them on a deeper level.

When is National Day of Listening celebrated in 2023?

National Day of Listening is observed on the day after Thanksgiving each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 24 2023
Friday November 29 2024
Friday November 28 2025
Friday November 27 2026