National Day of Listening - November
Fri, Nov 25, 2022

National Day of Listening

National Day of Listening is celebrated right after Thanksgiving. The purpose of the holiday is to learn to listen to people. Ask yourself if you are a good listener? And if the answer is no, join the date!


The holiday has been celebrated since 2008. True, it takes place unofficially. It was founded by the American non-profit organization StoryCorps – its main mission is to preserve and reproduce the stories of different segments of the population. This is the largest digital archive! The goal is to bring families together so that everyone can listen to fascinating stories from childhood, adolescence or the present.

Radio producer David Isai is the founder of the company. As a child, he often stayed with his grandparents, who told him many stories. He listened to each of them with genuine interest, and then decided to turn on the recorder and record the stories on a cassette. A few years later, relatives were gone, and the cassette disappeared somewhere. Then David thought about creating an organization.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • when a person is listened to, he feels like an important person, a part of this world;
  • during its existence, StoryCorps listened to more than 600 thousand people;
  • more than 80% of information we learn not from books, the Internet and news feeds, but from the conversations of other people;
  • on average, the human ear listens to 450 words in 1 minute;
  • if you include stories in the background of a case, you can reduce anxiety.

How to celebrate

Listen to others – try to turn all your attention to the interlocutor in order to find out what worries him, to delve into the situation that he sets out. Interview loved ones – turn on the recorder, grab a notepad with pre-prepared questions and get started! Share on social media about National Day.

When is National Day of Listening celebrated in 2022?

National Day of Listening is observed on the day after Thanksgiving each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 25 2022
Friday November 24 2023
Friday November 29 2024
Friday November 28 2025
Friday November 27 2026

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