National Craft Jerky Day - November 27
Mon, Nov 27, 2023

National Craft Jerky Day

National Craft Jerky Day is celebrated on November 27 in the USA. This is the perfect holiday to enjoy the taste of jerky – a dish that can be traced back to ancient Egyptians. The modern world has intercepted this knowledge and enjoys delicious food with pleasure.


Scholars believe that Jerky was popular with the Andean natives. The climatic conditions allowed for high-quality dried meat, which was prepared by drying the meat directly in the sun during the day and refrigerating it in the cold of the night. These were quite large pieces, with the bones still intact. Camel, llama, alpaca, and vicuña meat was used. This method of preserving meat allowed it to be stored for a long time.

The earliest references to Jerky can be found in Egypt. Excavations of tombs have revealed that the people were closely engaged in canning products. Indian tribes also favored meat, mixing it with berries and fat to create pemmican, a type of pie that allowed them to survive even the coldest winter.

Interesting facts

  • Since 1996, Jerky has been included in the diet of American astronauts.
  • One of John Lennon’s albums has the song “Beef Jerky”.
  • From 1 kg of meat, about 250 grams of Jerky can be made.
  • National Craft Jerky Day was founded by Long Beach Jerky Co.

How to take part

You can take part in National Craft Jerky Day by preparing your own Jerky recipe or enjoying it in a restaurant. You could also organize a party with a wide selection of products and treat your friends. Don’t forget to share photos on social media so everyone can join in the celebration!

When is National Craft Jerky Day celebrated in 2023?

National Craft Jerky Day is observed on November 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 27 2023
Wednesday November 27 2024
Thursday November 27 2025
Friday November 27 2026

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