National Coloring Day - September 14
Thu, Sep 14, 2023

National Coloring Day

National Coloring Day is dedicated to coloring pictures and celebrated on September 14th. Don’t think this is just for kids. Studies have shown that coloring pictures can relieve stress. You will be distracted from your daily worries and spend several hours making a beautiful drawing.


The first coloring books were created at the end of the 19th century for schoolchildren. They were manufactured by a company now owned by the Milton Bradley Company. The main goal is to develop artistic skills in children and make their pastime useful. Coloring contour pictures has a beneficial effect on brain function, as the child mentally tries to imagine the drawing in reality and decides which colors to use.

Over time, such books with contour drawings gained immense popularity. Millions of parents have started buying them for their kids and even coloring with them. In 2010, some psychotherapists prescribed coloring pages for their patients. Their use reduced anxiety and increase concentration.

Today, there are already various variations of coloring pages: as applications for smartphones and computers. However, there is nothing better than hearing the rustle of paper and picking up the right pencils or crayons!

Interesting facts

  • In South Korea, coloring is so popular that famous pop stars are releasing their own coloring books.
  • The first psychologist who proposed the use of coloring books for brain development and relieving nervous tension was Carl Jung.
  • In many countries of the world, there are even coloring clubs. People meet to pursue their favorite hobby and then share the results and socialize.

How to take part

Gather together with friends and family, take care of coloring pictures. If you want to be in harmony with yourself, then just make yourself tea or coffee and devote this day to your favorite pastime. Learn more about the history of coloring pages, read the results of numerous studies, and don’t forget to share this holiday on social networks.

When is National Coloring Day celebrated in 2023?

National Coloring Day is observed on September 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 14 2023
Saturday September 14 2024
Sunday September 14 2025
Monday September 14 2026