National Chicken Lady Day - November 4
Fri, Nov 4, 2022

National Chicken Lady Day

National Chicken Lady Day is a holiday that at first glance is associated with food, and at the second – with the character of Mark McKinney in the project “Kids in the Hall”, however, both options have nothing to do with the real reason. In fact, every year on November 4th is a holiday dedicated to the doctor and businesswoman Martenia “Tina” Dupree. Thanks to her unique acumen, she was able to meet with George W. Bush, who at that time served as president.


Where did the chicken come from? The fact is that Martenia worked for more than 10 years in one of the largest chains of restaurants, where chicken dishes were the main dishes. The woman served as director of public relations. The nickname “Lady-chicken” she took for herself. The legendary meeting with George W. Bush happened in 2001, the president noted the work of a woman in the direction of raising educational standards. Bush then issued an executive order declaring November 4 National Chicken Lady Day.

Interesting Facts

  • Martenia’s career has a huge number of motivational courses and development programs for schools, corporations, companies, universities, churches and other religious communities.
  • The business coach has conducted seminars for representatives of large, medium and small businesses, her seminars and master classes are listened to and attended by millions.
  • The main methods taught in the courses encourage people to take responsibility, to transfer these ideas into personal relationships and careers.
  • Dupri also pays close attention to the problems of blacks.
  • Dupree’s talk on the Trinity Broadcasting Network attracted an audience of 10 million.

How to celebrate

The Chicken Lady recommends that you never forget your dreams, follow your goal, work to make your dreams come true. Be sure to share the wisdom of a motivational coach with your relatives, friends, colleagues, followers on social networks. Invest energy in yourself, Martenii has a wonderful book on this subject. Do not get tired of learning, motivate other people to learn something new.

When is National Chicken Lady Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chicken Lady Day is observed on November 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 4 2022
Saturday November 4 2023
Monday November 4 2024
Tuesday November 4 2025
Wednesday November 4 2026