National Champagne Day - December 31
Sat, Dec 31, 2022

National Champagne Day

National Champagne Day is an unofficial holiday that takes place on December 31st. Open a bottle of sparkling drink today and mark the date. Especially since it’s New Year’s Eve tonight! Can the event take place without filled glasses?


The mention of the celebration was already in the mid-2000s in books and publications. In 2007, the date was formed – August 4, but people did not like it! They were rescheduled by public opinion. At that time, few people knew about the holiday, perhaps only ardent champagne lovers and their friends. National Day gained popularity only in 2010, when only the lazy did not use the appropriate hashtag on Twitter.

The drink was created in France by the monk Pierre PĂ©rignon. The man worked at the winery and had a very good taste, which would be the envy of any person! It was enough for him to take a half look to determine the grape variety and one bite to understand what kind of wine he would make. At that time, his art seemed like magic: he took dark, rich grapes and made white wine from them! Then he turned the drink into champagne. Pierre was not the creator of the method, but only improved it: champagne was first described by the English scientist Christopher Merret.

Interesting facts

Did you know that champagne:

  • cool much faster in boiled water;
  • vintage type should not be stored for more than 2 years, it may deteriorate over time;
  • do not eat chocolate – so the drink acquires an unpleasant taste;
  • has a bottle pressure of 6 atmospheres;
  • manufactured by the oldest company “Gosset”, founded in 1584.

How to celebrate

Enjoy the taste of a drink on National Champagne Day! Choose your favorite variety or try something new. Today in some cities there are interesting tastings and events – visit them.

When is National Champagne Day celebrated in 2022?

National Champagne Day is observed on December 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 31 2022
Sunday December 31 2023
Tuesday December 31 2024
Wednesday December 31 2025
Thursday December 31 2026

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