National Cappuccino Day - November 8
Tue, Nov 8, 2022

National Cappuccino Day

National Cappuccino Day calls for a frothy, sweet drink made from double espresso, frothed milk and sugar to taste. Agree, the ingredients are the simplest, but the result is stunning. You can enjoy the mild taste of cappuccino in the morning and in the evening, milk neutralizes the effect of nicotine. And cappuccino goes well with various desserts.


The basis of the drink is espresso coffee, it is prepared from freshly ground grains through which water passes under high pressure. The result is a small volume of extremely strong coffee with a luxurious aroma and a light, earthy aftertaste. Hot, frothed milk is added to espresso and a soft, tasty drink is obtained.

There is a legend that the first cappuccino was prepared in the 17th century by the monk Marco d’Aviano. Historians also believe that the authors of the drink were the monks of the Catholic Church, the Capuchin monks. Around the same time, a similar drink began to be served in Vienna, which is not surprising, because Vienna has always been considered a trendsetter in the world of coffee.

Interesting Facts

  • In Vienna, the drink was called capusiner, it was prepared from strong coffee, cream and sugar.
  • The name cappuccino is a reference to the clothes worn by the Capuchin monks in the 17th century, a dark brown dress with a hood.
  • In 1901, the first patent for an espresso machine was registered, it belonged to an inventor from Italy, Luigi Bezzera. However, the car was very large, so only some restaurants could use it.
  • Advanced espresso machines appeared during World War II.
  • In America, cappuccino became popular largely thanks to the Starbucks coffee chain.
  • So far, no organization or company has claimed authorship and rights to National Cappuccino Day.

How to celebrate

Gather your friends and visit different coffee shops in your city, make a cappuccino rating. Go to your nearest hardware store and buy an espresso machine. Now you can prepare a delicious, fresh drink every day. Feel like a barista and prepare cappuccino with different recipes, such as adding cinnamon, sweet syrup or other ingredients. Try other espresso based drinks like macchiato, latte, flat white.

When is National Cappuccino Day celebrated in 2022?

National Cappuccino Day is observed on November 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 8 2022
Wednesday November 8 2023
Friday November 8 2024
Saturday November 8 2025
Sunday November 8 2026

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