National Buffet Day - January 2
Tue, Jan 2, 2024

National Buffet Day

National Buffet Day was created for true food connoisseurs. Agree, there is not a single person who would not want to see such a diverse selection every morning! Today, you should definitely enjoy delicious foods, even if you are on a diet.


Traditions came to us from Scandinavia. Cold winters forced the population to stock up: people dried meat, fish, made various snacks, pickles … The Swedes in the 15th century created “brannvinsbord” – a snack table offered before serving main courses. Usually it was bread, cheese, meat and fish products, all this was supplemented with herbal tinctures with vodka. Later, the custom took on a different form – the tables were beautifully decorated with flowers and various cauldrons with dishes were placed. Food was usually stacked on slices of bread – perhaps the sandwich aesthetic came about at that time.

Later “Buffet” became popular with the nobility, and in the 20th century it was actively used in restaurants. Now the policy of many hotels is based on it. And it’s really practical: all dishes are prepared and waiting for guests. Each visitor chooses what he wants and puts on his plate. The variety of food is another big plus. Not surprisingly, an entire National Day is dedicated to him.

Interesting facts

Fascinating gastronomic preferences of different countries:

  • In Italy, they love spaghetti – they occupy a large part of the menu;
  • Spaniards cannot live without paella;
  • in Greece and Croatia it is hard not to notice feta cheese and olives on the tables;
  • in Indonesia, dishes are spicy and flavorful;
  • in Eastern countries, sweets occupy a lot of space.

How to celebrate

Great if you take a trip to National Buffet Day! It may be a short walk to the nearest establishment offering such a food system. If you can’t leave, make an extensive menu at home and start serving. Invite loved ones to appreciate the work.

When is National Buffet Day Celebrated in 2024?

National Buffet Day is dedicated to celebrating success. It has always been observed annually on January the 2nd.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 2 2024
Thursday January 2 2025
Friday January 2 2026
Saturday January 2 2027