National Brazilian Blowout Day - August 21
Wed, Aug 21, 2024

National Brazilian Blowout Day

National Brazilian Blowout Day, celebrated on August 21, is a unique holiday dedicated to the hairdressing procedure! Brazilian Blowout involves straightening and repairing hair with keratin.


The idea to straighten and enrich hair with keratin belongs to Brazilian hairdresser José Arevalo. In the early 2000s, he developed the technology for the procedure and the product needed for it. His salon quickly became popular as many women in Brazil wanted to straighten tight curls in one visit to the hairdresser.

Arevalo, knowing the peculiarities of Brazilian hair, used a composition with caustic formaldehyde. The result was impressive, with hair remaining straight and beautiful for 6 to 12 months. In 2005, the Brazilian Blowout gained massive popularity in Brazil and began to conquer the United States. In America, they developed a composition without formaldehyde, which was more expensive and not as effective.

Today, José Arevalo is the owner of his own company, Arevalo Industria e Comercio de Cosmeticos, where he produces advanced and formaldehyde-free cosmetics for his method. In 2014, the idea was born to celebrate National Brazilian Blowout Day at the end of August, as hair needs restoration after a dry summer. In 2015, the official website dedicated to the Brazilian keratin technique was launched.

Interesting Facts

  1. José Arevalo is known as “the father of keratin” in Brazil.
  2. Many Hollywood stars, such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek, have used the Brazilian Blowout to care for their hair.
  3. The Brazilian Blowout is similar to the Japanese Yuko system, but the Yuko procedure takes longer (around four hours) while the Brazilian Blowout takes between 45 and 80 minutes.

How to Take Part

National Brazilian Blowout Day is a great day to assess the condition of your hair after a hot summer. Dedicate this day to hair care by learning about new tools and technologies, and sharing tips with your friends on social media using the hashtag #NationalBrazilianBlowoutDay.

When is National Brazilian Blowout Day celebrated in 2024?

National Brazilian Blowout Day is observed on August 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 21 2024
Thursday August 21 2025
Friday August 21 2026
Saturday August 21 2027
Monday August 21 2028
Tuesday August 21 2029

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