National Black Cat Day - October 27
Fri, Oct 27, 2023

National Black Cat Day

National Black Cat Day is celebrated on October 27 and honors the beautiful, graceful animal. Unfortunately, even in the modern world, many people are afraid of black cats, believing that they bring evil and bad luck. We hope you are not one of those people, and if in doubt, we advise you to read the article and join the holiday.


National Black Cat Day was founded by Cats Protection in 2011. The purpose of the day is to show people that the color of a pet means absolutely nothing. According to statistics, it is black cats who often cannot find a home, so they remain in shelters all their lives. While white cats usually find a host in a few days. Activists demand objectivity from people!

Black cats are symbolic: they prove that abstract bad luck does not exist, they are associated with strength, confidence, and the confrontation of superstitious beliefs. In Scotland, they are believed to bring good luck to the home, in England they protect from misfortunes, and in early America they attract strength. And they are also very beautiful – their shiny coat glistens in the sun, making it impossible to resist admiring them.

The only logical explanation for the negative superstitions surrounding black cats is that they originated in the medieval churches. Many believed that witches turn into cats and take revenge on people.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • the black color of cats fades in the sun, giving their coat an orange tint;
  • there are 22 known black cat breeds;
  • sailors consider them to be good luck charms, symbolizing a safe return home;
  • their yellow tint to their eyes is due to an overabundance of melanin;
  • cats can go gray just like humans.

How to take part

The best way to celebrate the holiday is to adopt a black cat and fall in love! You will understand this on the very first day together. Tell people about animals and break stereotypes. Make a donation to the Animal Welfare Fund – the organizers always need the help of kind people.

When is National Black Cat Day celebrated in 2023?

National Black Cat Day is observed on October 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 27 2023
Sunday October 27 2024
Monday October 27 2025
Tuesday October 27 2026