National Beheading Day - September 2
Sat, Sep 2, 2023

National Beheading Day

National Beheading Day encourages everyone to hold on tight to their hat. There is no exact version explaining why this little crazy holiday appeared. Beheading Day defies logic, but it is popular on social media.


The list of people who have been beheaded during the existence of humanity is huge. The most famous king who lost his head is Charles I of England; he was executed in 1645. National Beheading Day reminds us not only about beheading, but about the importance of maintaining common sense.

This strange holiday has been celebrated since 2001, but it is not known for certain who invented it, or why. Neither is it clear why it is celebrated on September 2. But it is reliably known that on this day in 1685, a noble lady called Alice Lyle was beheaded. She became the last lady to be executed in England by court order for harboring fugitives who took part in the Monmouth uprising.

Interesting Facts

  • This type of execution – beheading – has existed for several thousand years.
  • Famous personalities who lost their heads are the monarch Louis XVI, John the Baptist, Marie Antoinette, and Mary Queen of Scots.
  • Executions were carried out with different tools: an ax, a knife, a machete, a guillotine, or a sword.
  • In Saudi Arabia, they still practice execution by decapitation.

How to join the celebration

Read historical literature, watch films about the tragic fate of executed individuals. Visit the Tower of London where Alice Lyle was executed.

When is National Beheading Day celebrated in 2023?

National Beheading Day is observed on September 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 2 2023
Monday September 2 2024
Tuesday September 2 2025
Wednesday September 2 2026

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