National Baked Alaska Day - February 1
Thu, Feb 1, 2024

National Baked Alaska Day

National Baked Alaska Day is an American holiday dedicated to a wonderful dessert. The holiday is celebrated every year on February 1st.


We have to thank chef Charles Ranhofer, who worked at the New York restaurant Delmonico’s, for creating the Baked Alaska dessert. This event took place in 1867. At that time, disputes regarding the acquisition of Alaska from Russia did not subside in society. The purchase price was $7 million. It is worth noting that the chef often gave his dishes the names of famous people in order to draw the attention of the restaurant’s customers to them. He could not miss the chance to seize the moment and prepared an amazing dessert, which today is known as “Baked Alaska”.

Dessert is prepared in several stages. First, a biscuit cake is made, which is then cut into pieces, which are then placed on the bottom of the baking dish. A layer of ice cream is placed on top (any one is used, to your taste). The last layer is meringue. After that, the dish is placed in the oven. High temperature baking takes a few minutes. A frozen layer of meringue should appear on top of the dessert, slightly ruddy. It is allowed to decorate the finished dish with whipped cream.

Interesting facts

  • It is believed that the Russians introduced the local population to potatoes and turnips when Alaska was still part of Russia.
  • Oil and gold deposits have been discovered in Alaska. Prospectors are actively working in the state in search of new gold veins.
  • A landmark event in the transition of Alaska to the United States was the change of the flag on the flagpole near the Government House. This happened on October 18, 1867.

How to celebrate

Make your own Baked Alaska on this day or visit a restaurant to enjoy the taste of the original dish. Find out more interesting information about the Alaska Sale deal and share it with family or friends.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users if they have tried this dish or not. If yes, what impression did this dessert leave them with?

When is National Baked Alaska Day celebrated in 2024?

National Baked Alaska Day is observed on February 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 1 2024
Saturday February 1 2025
Sunday February 1 2026
Monday February 1 2027