National Aesthetician Day - October 15
Sat, Oct 15, 2022

National Aesthetician Day

National Aesthetician Day is celebrated in the United States every year on October 15th. This national day is dedicated to beauty professionals working in spas and medical clinics. Estheticians rejuvenate, exfoliate, depilate, moisturize, clean, eliminate various diseases in order to make the appearance of their clients fresher and healthier.


The founder of this national day was the company COSMEDIX. In 2016, she drew attention to the need to celebrate the talented and hardworking cosmetologists in the United States and create a separate holiday for estheticians.

The history of cosmetology dates back to ancient times, when people made cosmetic care products from improvised materials. For example, in South Africa, red stone powder was used for the body, which could be both a way to increase attractiveness in the opposite sex, and a hunting ritual. And in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra bathed in sour milk, which she used to exfoliate and whiten her skin.

In ancient Greece, one of the first sunscreens was ordinary olive oil. In addition, there is evidence that in Greece since antiquity there was depilation of the body with the help of pumice and special creams.

Fun facts

  • in 840 BC in Ancient Greece, eyelid makeup was done, a light complexion was fashionable, so it was bleached with milk;
  • in the 6th century in Japan, incense was made from herbs and ingredients like charcoal, lipstick was created from crushed petals, and the face was powdered with powder from crushed rice;
  • In 1399, an order was founded by the English king Henry IV, in which the privilege of members was bathing with soap in the bath.

How to celebrate

You can celebrate the national day by visiting the nearest beauty salon. There you can use the services of a beautician and leave a good tip for his work. You can also congratulate specialists from the field of aesthetic beauty with a postcard, a nice gift and an expression of sincere gratitude for their work.

When is National Aesthetician Day celebrated in 2022?

National Aesthetician Day is observed on October 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 15 2022
Sunday October 15 2023
Tuesday October 15 2024
Wednesday October 15 2025
Thursday October 15 2026