Mulligan Day - October 17
Tue, Oct 17, 2023

Mulligan Day

October 17 is Mulligan Day – a day for those who are not ready to accept failure and are determined to reach the end. We all need a second chance sometimes, and there are many different situations in life where we could use an extra chance to make things right.


The origin of Mulligan Day is unclear, with different versions of the story. According to the USGA (United States Golf Association), the name may have come from the Canadian golfer David Mulligan, John. A. “Buddy” Mulligan who was a locker room attendant at Essex Fells CC, or the petty aristocrat and golfer Thomas Mulligan.

Interesting facts

  • Mulligan is often used to play a second round of a disc.
  • In golf, it is allowed to use the mulligan only once out of 9 holes, and the player must decide when to use it.
  • Mulligans are purchased by golfers for money in the form of coupons.

How to take part

On Mulligan Day, give yourself a second try to fix a past setback or mistake. Spend the day playing golf with your friends and family and take advantage of the term “mulligan” which is associated with golf. Order a second meal and enjoy the experience of re-enjoying food. Take the opportunity to master a new skill, even if it takes a lot of time – you may discover new talents in yourself.

When is Mulligan Day celebrated in 2023?

Mulligan Day is observed on October 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 17 2023
Thursday October 17 2024
Friday October 17 2025
Saturday October 17 2026

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