Marine Corps Birthday - November 10
Thu, Nov 10, 2022

Marine Corps Birthday

Marine Corps Birthday is a holiday filled with courage and bold deeds. It is celebrated every year on November 10th. The event was founded in 1921 at the initiative of the US government to express its gratitude to all who serve in the Marine Corps. These brave guys take part in all conflicts in the United States, they protect the freedom, independence and inviolability of the country from the moment it was founded.


Marine Corps Birthday covers the entire Marine Corps, which is 186 thousand military personnel and 38,5 thousand reservists. The new corps in America was formed precisely on November 10, 1775. The military had to intercept an important shipment of ammunition that followed from Britain. Then the group was called – Continental Marines, its members ensured the security of the formed Continental Fleet.

The first commander of the Marine Corps, Samuel Nicholas, initially the American authorities planned to call on only 2100 military personnel, but the number of active troops of the Continental Army, on the contrary, increased to 80 thousand employees. At the same time, a resolution was signed on the formation of reserve forces of the Marine Corps.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the tasks in which the military marines were supposed to take part was the annexation of Scotland, but the attack did not take place.
  • After participating in various conflicts, the Continental Marines were disbanded and the department temporarily ceased to exist until 1794.
  • In 1794, Congress passed a law to revive the Marine Corps, as well as the Navy, to demonstrate the presence in the United States, as well as protection from pirates.
  • In 1798, the US Navy was separated into a separate military unit, and the Marine Corps appeared on July 11 that same year.

How to celebrate

Visit the Marine Corps War Memorial, a statue located between the cities of Arlington, Virginia and Washington, DC. The memorial depicts the Marines raising the American flag on a mountaintop during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Write a thank you post on social media to the Marines, address them with words of respect for their hard work.

When is Marine Corps Birthday celebrated in 2022?

Marine Corps Birthday is observed on November 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 10 2022
Friday November 10 2023
Sunday November 10 2024
Monday November 10 2025
Tuesday November 10 2026

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