Manatee Appreciation Day - March
Wed, Mar 27, 2024

Manatee Appreciation Day

Manatee Appreciation Day is an international holiday dedicated to manatees. These marine animals are harmless to humans, but their population declines every year. Human activity is to blame. The holiday was created to draw public attention to the problem of the decline of these mammals. The holiday is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of March.


Researchers suggest that manatees appeared about 2.5 million years ago. To date, there are only three species of mammals that are classified according to their habitat – these are the American, Amazonian and African manatees. The American species is the most studied.

The creation of Manatee Appreciation Day occurred in 1981 with an initiative by the advocacy organization Save the Lamatee Club.

The animals have egg-shaped heads and flat tails. They resemble elephants in color. They live in rivers with a slow stream, bays with sea water, canals. Their life consists of traveling between habitats, sleeping, and searching for food. These mammals are herbivores, feeding on algae.

All manatee species are listed in the Red Book. Pollution of water bodies, provoking algae blooms and accidental collisions with ship propellers are causes of population decline. Also just a few decades ago manatees were actively hunted for their meat (considered a delicacy), which also greatly reduced the number of animals.

Interesting facts

  • Manatees are very massive animals, weighing up to 600 kg. Their body length averages 3.5-4 meters.
  • Mammals can stay underwater for up to 20 minutes, but most often come to the surface after 5 minutes.
  • Many researchers have concluded that people who have seen mermaids could often see manatees coming to the surface.

How to celebrate

Learn more about manatees this day. Direct funding to support an organization to protect this species. Only by working together can we save these mammals!

Spread the word on social media. Let more people know about him!

When is Manatee Appreciation Day in 2024?

Manatee Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of March.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday March 27 2024
Wednesday March 26 2025