Lohri - January 13
Sat, Jan 13, 2024


Lohri is an Indian holiday celebrated on January 13th. This day praises the Sun God, and also plays a big role in the economy of the local population. After January 13, they begin to harvest winter rabi crops.


The most popular holiday in the Northern regions of the country. You can visit regions like Punjab or Delhi to enjoy the Oriental vibe of Lohri.

During the celebration, locals light large bonfires, around which they communicate, dance and have fun. It is imperative to say words of gratitude to the Sun God Surya for the fact that he is returning, marking the early arrival of heat.

During the celebration, you can taste many interesting Indian dishes that are prepared on the basis of sugar cane. Children visit the house all day, singing traditional songs. The refusal of the tenants to give them a treat is considered a bad sign.

On this holiday, the folk hero Dulle Bhatti is remembered with kind words. The image of this man can often be found in legends and fairy tales. He led an uprising in the Punjab region against the Mughals. As a result, he was able to save thousands of local girls from capture and subsequent sale in the Middle Eastern slave markets.

Interesting facts

  • The largest bonfire during the Lohri celebration is lit in the Royal Court.
  • This holiday is one of the most anticipated in India.
  • A lit bonfire allows you to convey prayers and words of gratitude to the Sun God.

How to celebrate

Travel to India to take part in the massive Lohri celebrations. Visit local festivals, taste national dishes. Learn more about the mythological component of this holiday.

Share information about Lohri with your friends, create an appropriate post on social networks. Such holidays allow you to fully plunge into the unique atmosphere, get to know the age-old traditions of the people.

When is Lohri celebrated in 2024?

Lohri is observed on January 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 13 2024
Monday January 13 2025
Tuesday January 13 2026
Wednesday January 13 2027

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