Let’s Hug Day - December 3
Sun, Dec 3, 2023

Let’s Hug Day

Let’s Hug Day is celebrated on December 3rd in the United States. This sweet holiday encourages people to show their love and tenderness to a loved one – not only on this day, but every day!


The origin of this holiday is contested – with some sources claiming that the American theologian Kevin Zaborney from Michigan is its founder, while others dispute this due to the invented date falling on January 31st. We may never know the truth, but we can enjoy the holiday. Hugs have been a part of human life since time immemorial. From the very first seconds of life, a baby feels the touch of their mother’s hug and chest, providing them with love, care, and security. We show the same action to people when we want to express regret or joy, or to say goodbye or hello.

Interesting facts

It is important to note that hugs:

  • Contribute to the production of the hormone of joy, providing relief from mental or physical pain.
  • Normalize the contraction of the heart muscle and reduce blood pressure.
  • Help to keep families together by strengthening relationships.
  • Contribute to a better understanding of a person, and to better communication.
  • Healing, even if you hug yourself.
  • Can even cheer up in a mental form – just imagining a loved one is enough.

How to take part

To participate in Let’s Hug Day, find out about events such as promotions, flash mobs, and festivals in your local area. Invite your loved ones to a celebratory dinner and hug, and share the date on social media so more people can show their love.

When is Let’s Hug Day celebrated in 2023?

Let’s Hug Day is observed on December 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 3 2023
Tuesday December 3 2024
Wednesday December 3 2025
Thursday December 3 2026

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