Let’s Hug Day - December 3
Sat, Dec 3, 2022

Let’s Hug Day

Let’s Hug Day is celebrated on December 3rd in the United States. This is one of the sweetest holidays: people show their love and tenderness to a loved one. Date teaches to do it not only today, but every day! And how long have you been hugging your loved ones, admit it?


Some sources claim that the founder of the holiday is the American theologian Kevin Zaborney from Michigan. However, many doubt this, because the invented date falls on January 31st. We may someday find out the truth, but for now we can only enjoy the holiday!

Hugs have been with people since time immemorial. The baby feels the touch from the first seconds of life – his mother hugs him and puts him to her chest. So the child feels love, care, security. We show such an action towards people when we want to regret or rejoice together, at parting or greeting. Can you imagine a world without hugs? Doctors and psychologists believe that this brings us back to a carefree childhood, we feel similar emotions.

Interesting facts

It is important to know that hugs:

  • contribute to the production of the hormone of joy – this can explain a certain relief experienced when touched by a loved one. It can even relieve severe pain – mental or physical;
  • normalize the contraction of the heart muscle, reduces pressure;
  • help keep the family together – tactile touches strengthen relationships;
  • contribute to a better understanding of a person, establish communication;
  • healing, even if you hug yourself – try to do it right now;
  • even in a mental form they are able to cheer up and relieve apathy: you just need to imagine your loved one.

How to celebrate

On Let’s Hug Day, cities host various promotions, flash mobs, festivals… Find out about events in your area and be sure to visit them! Invite your loved ones to a celebratory dinner and hug. Share the date on social media so more people show their love.

When is Let’s Hug Day celebrated in 2022?

Let’s Hug Day is observed on December 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 3 2022
Sunday December 3 2023
Tuesday December 3 2024
Wednesday December 3 2025
Thursday December 3 2026

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