Learn About Butterflies Day - March 14
Thu, Mar 14, 2024

Learn About Butterflies Day

Learn About Butterflies Day is an annual American holiday devoted to butterflies. These insects made plant pollination possible, and for this reason, butterflies play a major role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preserving the richness of plant life. The holiday is celebrated on March 14.


The history of Learn About Butterflies Day is not reliably known. However, it does not matter at all, because the holiday created allows you to learn more about butterflies and enjoy their beauty. It is believed that butterflies evolved from moths back in the Cretaceous period. It took several millennia for them to evolve into the insects we see today.

Butterflies go through several stages of development. They lay eggs, from which the caterpillar hatches. The offspring must appear near the source of food in order to survive. After a certain period of life, the caterpillars turn into pupae, from which the adult butterflies emerge. Some butterflies do not change their habitat, while others migrate to warmer countries when the season changes.

Interesting facts

  • The average life span of butterflies ranges from a few days to a year, depending on the species of insect.
  • The most famous migratory butterfly is the monarch butterfly. They can travel almost 3 thousand kilometers in migration. They migrate to warm U.S. states and Mexican forests from other states and Canada.
  • Butterflies have taste buds on their legs.

How to celebrate

Learn more interesting information about butterflies at Learn About Butterflies Day, and learn more about their Red List species. Visit butterfly exhibits to get to know them better.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users which butterfly they like best.

When is Learn About Butterflies Day celebrated in 2024?

Learn About Butterflies Day is observed on March 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday March 14 2024
Friday March 14 2025

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