Lame Duck Day - February 6
Tue, Feb 6, 2024

Lame Duck Day

Lame Duck Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the 20th Amendment of the US Congress. This change reduced the time between congressional elections and politicians taking office. This time interval is commonly referred to as the “lame duck” period. The holiday is celebrated annually on February 6th.


In nature, a “lame duck” is an individual that cannot keep up with its flock. Such a duck remains alone, exposing itself to great danger from predators. A similar term began to be applied to people in the 18th century. Then the concept of “lame duck” was called stockbrokers who could not pay their debts.

In the 1860s, “lame ducks” began to be called officials who were nearing the end of their term of office. They need to take some action if they want to be re-elected. However, their capabilities are now severely limited. To avoid embarrassing situations or illegal actions on the part of officials who lost power during the waiting period, the 20th Amendment of the US Congress, passed in 1933, reduced the waiting time between the end of the term of office and their new acquisition as much as possible.

Interesting facts

  • The term “lame duck” is widely popular in society. Many artists depicted him in their caricatures in relation to political figures. Most often, these were ducks tied with a bandage and with crutches.
  • A “lame duck” in the United States is also often referred to as a politician who is not destined to run for a second term due to his very poor performance in the past term.

How to celebrate

Search Lame Duck Day online for information on various precedents related to the US transition. Check out the existing cartoons on this topic. Share new information with family and friends. You can also celebrate this day literally. Transfer donations to conservation organizations that care for wild ducks.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users if they were familiar with the concept of “lame duck”.

When is Lame Duck Day celebrated in 2024?

Lame Duck Day is observed on February 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 6 2024
Thursday February 6 2025
Friday February 6 2026
Saturday February 6 2027

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