International Toot Your Flute Day - October 4
Wed, Oct 4, 2023

International Toot Your Flute Day

International Toot Your Flute Day is an interesting holiday that is not about music at all. You may not have known about it until today, but October 4 is the perfect day for showing off and self-promotion. Its purpose is to tell people about achievements and successes and to drop the shyness and join in!


The origin of International Toot Your Flute Day is unknown, but its purpose is quite clear: people often do not give themselves enough attention for their successes and victories. On ordinary weekdays, we may tend to stay silent about our achievements, but on International Toot Your Flute Day we can tell the world just how good we are!

The Bible speaks of the importance of humility. The Lord shows favor to humble people, and in today’s world it can be difficult to remain humble. We can often see injustice when our efforts go unnoticed while others are noticed, but the Bible reminds us that God sees the efforts of everyone and cares.

Interesting facts

Believe it or not, bragging can actually be good for mental health. In moderate amounts, it can help increase self-esteem and even act as a magic pill in times of crisis. While it may have been discouraged in childhood, if we completely abandon it, we lose out on its positive qualities. Even the most pessimistic of us can find the light when we talk about our merits!

How to take part

Here are some ideas on how to join in on International Toot Your Flute Day:

  • Share a successful business on social networks – write a post about how you’ve been working lately, what results you’ve come to.
  • Write on a piece of paper your personal advantages and remind yourself that there’s no one like you.
  • Listen to others and note their strengths – perhaps there’s something to learn?
  • Make a delicious dinner in honor of your victories.

When is International Toot Your Flute Day in 2023?

International Toot Your Flute Day is observed on October 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 4 2023
Friday October 4 2024
Saturday October 4 2025
Sunday October 4 2026