International Thunderbirds Day - September 30
Sat, Sep 30, 2023

International Thunderbirds Day

International Thunderbirds Day is celebrated every year on September 30, founded by ITV Studios in 2017. The holiday is dedicated to the popular British science fiction series, Thunderbirds. The first series was released in 1965, then two seasons of 32 episodes each were filmed. The series impresses with its special effects and beautiful music.


Thunderbirds aired from September 30, 1965 to December 25, 1966. Each episode is 50 minutes long. The series is notable for the fact that it used a unique style – supermarionation. The result was highly praised by critics, as well as in the 30 countries where it was broadcast.

Interesting Facts

  • The action of the series takes place in 2065, telling the story of the International Rescue Team, which had a unique fleet of vehicles – Thunderbirds.
  • There were five Thunderbirds in total – a hypersonic missile, a heavy transporter, a space rocket, an underwater vehicle, and an orbiting space satellite.
  • Later, two sequels were released – Thunderbirds Go, as well as Thunderbird 6.
  • Anderson began work on a remastered version of the series, but did not have time to complete the work, unfortunately, before he died on April 4, 2012.

How to take part

Watch the series in honor of the anniversary – maybe you have favorite episodes. Organize a party to watch episodes, take care to provide snacks and drinks. If you are a fan of Thunderbirds, buy the merchandise.

When is International Thunderbirds Day in 2023?

International Thunderbirds Day is observed on September 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 30 2023
Monday September 30 2024
Tuesday September 30 2025
Wednesday September 30 2026

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