International Right to Know Day - September 28
Thu, Sep 28, 2023

International Right to Know Day

International Right to Know Day is celebrated every year on September 28. The holiday is dedicated to the right of everyone to receive information from various sources on the Internet – social networks, blogs, and online publications. Just imagine a world in which information is not available – it is doomed to extinction.


Knowledge is one of the main factors influencing thinking, self-expression, and reasoning. We also make decisions based on the data received and the conclusions drawn. The holiday was first established by a UNESCO conference, which was held in 2002. Many countries supported the initiative, and in 2019, the event received international status.

Interesting Facts

  • The holiday appeared thanks to the efforts of African public organizations that fought for free and transparent access to information.
  • Free access to information will allow citizens to control the work of government and state organizations, as well as the implementation of laws.
  • International Right to Know Day makes the job of the media easier.

How to take part

Spend this day looking for information. The easiest way is the Internet, where you can find a lot of useful information on blogs and information sites. Become a source of information for someone – share the information uncovered. Make blog entries if you don’t already have one. Stay in the information field – read, watch, and listen. The more information you absorb, the more success you will achieve. Reduce the amount of paper used and switch to electronic sources of information.

When is International Right to Know Day in 2023?

International Right to Know Day is observed on September 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 28 2023
Saturday September 28 2024
Sunday September 28 2025
Monday September 28 2026