International Guide Dog Day - April 27
Wed, Apr 24, 2024

International Guide Dog Day

April 24 is a day of true heroes from the animal world playing an indispensable role in supporting the visually impaired and blind people. International Guide Dog Day celebrates this with social events that attract the attention of ordinary people to issues of the disabled interacting in society.

The History

The first mention of this touching, specific friendship dates back to the Middle Ages. Persons appreciated the ability of dogs to help people with poor eyesight in navigating the terrain. They helped soldiers after the First World War, who received serious eye injuries in the fierce battles. In 1929, the first school was opened training companion dogs. This ‘business’ relationship is based on love and devotion. It is an example of the best qualities in a dog’s character.

How to take part

The best guide dogs are Labradors: soft, a complaisant character, responsive, and loyal to their owner.

  1. Pets help people to become confident, boost their mood, make them sociable, and easy to get in touch with despite their obvious health difficulties.
  2. Guide dogs have a high level of intelligence. They assess situations and the size of obstacles, then do their best to prevent a collision.
  3. It is forbidden to pat or touch guide dogs without the permission of their owner. They may show aggression, feeling danger from the actions of unfamiliar stranger. Observe and respect the boundaries.

This holiday is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April. Events are supported by Guide Dogs of America.

When is International Guide Dog Day Celebrated in 2024?

International Guide Dog Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday April 24 2024
Wednesday April 30 2025