International Day of Veterinary Medicine - December 9
Fri, Dec 9, 2022

International Day of Veterinary Medicine

International Day of Veterinary Medicine is celebrated around the world on December 9th. This is an important holiday for our four-legged friends and the people who take care of them. Unfortunately, diseases do not spare anyone, including animals. Our task is to provide them with timely assistance by contacting a doctor!


For the first time, veterinary medicine is mentioned in the 4th century BC. Data recorded in ancient Egypt. The locals deified the animals, so it is not surprising that their care was appropriate. Priests carried out medical activities, but shepherds and cattle breeders also succeeded in this business. Methods for eliminating ailments practically did not differ from human ones. In addition, prayers were offered, and sacrifices were made to the Gods.

While in China treatment was based on a philosophical approach, in Rome help was provided in a direct way. The first doctors provided it not only to animals, but also to soldiers. There are now over 130 veterinarians in the United States, and over 300 throughout Europe. There is a lot of work ahead, and only by uniting, we will be able to solve the problems associated with animal diseases.

Interesting facts

Did you know that veterinarians:

  • by virtue of the profession, more often than others, they get sick with lichen;
  • in the first year of the university, they understand whether they have chosen the right path;
  • in demand always and everywhere;
  • they do not have special career prospects, but they have an increased sense of responsibility, mercy and kindness;
  • often perform sad work, euthanizing sick animals that are on the verge of life and death;
  • not only engaged in treatment, but also studying diseases, developing vaccines.

How to celebrate

Visit your favorite clinic and congratulate doctors on the International Day of Veterinary Medicine! Prepare treats for them or order a large pizza. Learn more about the profession – perhaps you want to link your fate with it? Take a photo of your pet and post it on social media with holiday hashtags. Take your four-legged friend to the vet to make sure everything is fine.

When is International Day of Veterinary Medicine celebrated in 2022?

International Day of Veterinary Medicine is observed on December 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 9 2022
Saturday December 9 2023
Monday December 9 2024
Tuesday December 9 2025
Wednesday December 9 2026