International Day of Charity - September 5
Tue, Sep 5, 2023

International Day of Charity

International Day of Charity is a holiday that appeared on the calendar in 2021, when the UN declared it international. Initially, on this day – September 5 – Mother Teresa was remembered in Hungary for her good deeds in helping people. This woman tried all her life to overcome poverty and eradicate suffering. International Day of Charity is a platform that encourages us to give as much to charity as possible.


The International Day of Charity is dedicated to Mother Teresa, who was born in the Ottoman Empire in 1910. Already at the age of 12, the girl devoted herself completely to religion and helping other people. At 18, she left her home to study, learn English, and become a Catholic nun. Maria Teresa began her charity work in 1948, when she took Indian citizenship and helped the poor in this country. She opened several shelters and homes for the terminally ill and orphanages. Gradually, Mother Teresa’s charitable organization spread throughout the world.

Interesting Facts

  • Maria Teresa died on September 5, 1997, which is why this day was chosen for the International Day of Charity.
  • The first organization that established the International Day of Charity was the Hungarian Parliament; with this initiative, they wanted to celebrate the amazing life of an amazing woman. Then the initiative was picked up by the UN.
  • An amazing fact about charity is that people make the most donations in December.
  • The most charitable country in the world is Australia.
  • According to statistics, women are more likely to do charity work than men.

How to take part

Today, there are many charitable organizations in the world. Choose one to get involved with, either financially or with your time. Remember, even insignificant charitable assistance can mitigate the consequences of any humanitarian crisis, strengthen society, and make it more holistic. Become a volunteer, in memory of the life of Mother Teresa, and help the needy, the disadvantaged, and the poor. Take part in a charity event; there are a huge number of them.

When is International Day of Charity in 2023?

International Day of Charity is observed on September 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday September 5 2023
Thursday September 5 2024
Friday September 5 2025
Saturday September 5 2026