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A holiday with a funny name Take a Monkey to Lunch Day was created to draw attention to funny animals – monkeys, lemurs, and other primates. The mission of the holiday is to tell more about these animals, their way of life, species, habits. In addition, thanks to the holiday, information is spread around the world about the problems that monkeys have to face. Thus, ecologists form a safe and comfortable habitat for primates.

The History

Take a Monkey to Lunch Day is actively supported and participated in by many environmental and cultural institutions, such as the Louvre Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, Greenpeace, the London National Gallery. Of course, many zoos around the world join in the celebration. Many events on this day are dedicated to the abilities of monkeys – paintings painted by animals are sold, performances of primates and their intelligence are demonstrated. Catering establishments offer dishes from the favorite delicacy of monkeys – bananas.

The main goal of all events is to tell about the realities in which monkeys live, what difficulties they face. By supporting the holiday, you improve the quality of life of primates.

Interesting facts about monkeys

  • Monkeys are able to spread diseases, they can infect people with yellow fever, smallpox, as well as various unknown diseases.
  • The smallest monkey is only 7 inches long and is called the pygmy monkey.
  • Primates that live in Central and South America are called New World monkeys, and primates that are common in Asia and Africa are called Old World monkeys.
  • The notion that humans evolved from monkeys is wrong. About 30 million years ago, man and ape had a common ancestor, but then each species developed separately.
  • The Old World monkeys were predominantly large, narrow-nosed, and did not climb trees.

How to celebrate

Use different sources to learn more about primates – visit the zoo, watch themed TV channels, documentaries. Donate money to an organization dedicated to primate issues and conservation. Tell us about the holiday and interesting facts about monkeys on social networks.

When is Take a Monkey to Lunch Day Celebrated in 2022?

Take a Monkey to Lunch Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 21st each year.