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Saint Swithin’s Day is a day dedicated to the miracles of Saint Swithin, Bishop of Winchester. Many legends and miracles are associated with his name, so a special day was dedicated to him. A legend is associated with the name of Swithin, according to the weather on July 15, it determines what weather to expect in the next 40 days. There is no scientific evidence that the weather conditions on July 15 affect the climate of the following days. Probably Saint Swithin’s Day is celebrated in memory of the bishop’s miracles.

The History

Saint’s Day is a tribute to an Anglo-Saxon bishop who served 11 years at Winchester, from 852 to 863. At this time, the bishop became patron of Winchester Cathedral. Unfortunately, there is no documentary evidence of the miracles and magic performed by Swithin, but there is a story. The bishop was mending a basket that had fallen from the woman’s hands when the saint suddenly appeared in front of her. Despite the few facts, Saint Swithin’s Day is quite common in the UK, moreover, more than 40 churches have been built in his honor.

Interesting Facts

  • In the UK, folklore dedicated to Saint Swithin’s Day is widespread, it tells about the wrath of the bishop, which manifests itself in thunderstorms.
  • During his lifetime, the bishop loved people, wanted them to have access to the relics, so he bequeathed to build a church in the cemetery and bury himself there. In 863, the will of Swithin was fulfilled, for a hundred years he rested in the cemetery. Then the relics were transferred to another place, because they considered that it was not worthy for the saint to rest with the common people. This was followed by a terrible thunderstorm, and thus began the legend of the wrath of Saint Swithin.
  • There are other legends associated with the name of the bishop, they are based on changes in the weather in the middle of summer.

How to celebrate

If you get a chance, visit Winchester Cathedral and listen to the fascinating stories of St. Swithin. By the way, the history of the cathedral itself is no less interesting, many legends and myths are associated with it. Watch the weather and draw conclusions – whether it really does not change for 40 days.

When is Saint Swithin’s Day celebrated in 2022?

Saint Swithin’s Day is observed on July 15 each year.