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April 23 is day people pay attention to British flag depicts cross belonging to holy man, on wonderful holiday of Saint George’s Day remember his merits, unique features, story bring kindness, love, compassion. English nation symbol inspires of soldiers took part in battles for faith, justice.

The History

According to beautiful legend, Holy Knight George fought dragon required constant human sacrifice. Winged monster terrorized cities, forced people to live in constant fear. Brave warrior killed dragon, gave population peace, tranquility, chance for bright future in harmony without new victims. City population turned to Christian faith. Red Cross on white background is symbol of feat, victory of good over powerful evil. In the middle Ages, King Richard the Lion heart brought emblem, distributed it among army soldiers fought under royal banners. Saint George was born in lands of modern Turkey in family of hereditary military man. He served in personal imperial guard of Roman state ruler. When Emperor ordered Christians to be killed, George refused. He was tortured, killed.

How to celebrate

Holiday is widely celebrated in European countries, St. George is recognized as great Martyr of Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Middle East countries and African states experienced European influence.

  1. Spring holiday named of venerable knight is associated with agriculture, patron of fertility helps to grow crops.
  2. Prepare remarkable dish: pies with cottage cheese, fish and mushrooms.
  3. Attach red rose to clothes.

Go to London. Huge number of festivals dedicated to holiday is held. It’s spectacular; there is special atmosphere of goodwill, hospitality, kindness.

When Saint George’s Day celebrated in 2022?

Saint George’s Day is observed on April 23 each year.