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Renewal Day is a holiday for all people who want to revive relationships, update old things or make any changes in their lives. Celebration of this day takes place on May 4, coinciding with the arrival of real spring, when nature comes to life.


Shoes, car, apartment, relationships, clothes, tools – everything can be updated, and not thrown away or sold. Renewal Day was created to remind people of simple truth that everything can be renewed, revived, repaired.

Also, holiday was created in order to encourage people to start over: do exercises, make career, find love, write a book. Everything and everyone gets a second chance.

It’s not known when this day was first celebrated. Its main idea is to remind people that often all a person needs is small changes and updates.

How to celebrate

Here are some ways to spend Renewal Day:

  • Update old things in the house: change the upholstery of an old chair, sew on a long-lost button on a shirt, repair broken child’s toy.
  • Make changes to usual route to work or school.
  • Start a flash mob on social networks posting themed photos, using #RenewalDay hashtag and inviting as many users as possible.
  • Change your appearance: clothing style, hair color or hairstyle.

When is Renewal Day Celebrated in 2022?

Renewal Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on May the 4th each year.