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National Support Public Education Day is celebrated every year on July 30th. This day demonstrates how important children are for the future of the country. Another purpose for which the holiday was founded is to once again point out the fact that education is one of the most important rights of every person. A nation can develop only if all citizens are educated. Only an educated society understands which industries require development. The country annually increases the number of available scholarships, and this opens up access to quality education.

The History

National Support Public Education Day was first celebrated in 2010, but the education system has deeper and more ancient roots. Many historical records confirm that schools appeared in ancient Egypt in 2000 BC, when Mentuhotep II ruled. Education in schools was available only to rich, wealthy families and only to men. The women did housework. Gradually the situation changed, many more people wanted to become literate. Thanks to the Prophet Muhammad, Islamic women received the right to study.

The founding fathers of America did their best to ensure that society became more literate, public schools appeared. School education should teach decision making, critical thinking, empathy and developing emotional intelligence.

Interesting Facts

  • According to statistics, students in public schools get the same or better scores than in private schools.
  • Public school teachers hold college degrees, a requirement for teachers in all states.
  • Public schools are more accepting when it comes to enrolling children – more than 46% of them are African American.
  • In public institutions, there are many more extra-curricular activities than in private ones, and here parents are actively involved in the lives of children.

How to celebrate

Encourage public schooling, support children, help them with their lessons. Tell the children what is the use of education, why it is necessary in the future. Ask yourself and your child the question – how to use school knowledge in life. Share National Support Public Education Day on social media to raise awareness of the holiday and support the public education sector.

When is National Support Public Education Day celebrated in 2022?

National Support Public Education Day is observed on July 30 each year.