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People who did not have time to say essential words to beloved February holiday get opportunity on April 23 on Lover’s Day in honor of saint patron of hearts touched by life-giving power of overwhelming great love. Touching holiday filled with tenderness, affection and care. Do not hesitate to confess strong love feelings. This is an incentive to live, create, create, rejoice and smile sincerely.

The History

Holidays began to be celebrated in Europe. Initially, honors were given to literary creations glorified power of love. Holiday has different variations. It’s Shakespeare’s birthday. In Spain, Day of Rose and Book is celebrated. People give strangers or acquaintances rose, in return receive book. Legend tells Spanish cities got rid of power of evil spirits in dragon guise. Fire-breathing creature, mortally wounded by brave defender, ascended into sky and … scattered million glowing sparks formed into beautiful fiery rose image.

How to celebrate

Give gifts, voice confessions.

  1. Organize unusual romantic date with music, books, good wine, light snacks.
  2. Create original date. Fulfill lover’s dream: visit unusual place. The impression remains.
  3. Hug! Oxytocin, hormone of tenderness, is produced, slowing down aging, improving well-being, preserving good health. Useful, pleasant.

Look your loved one in eyes, pupils dilate, signs of love. Hearts beat in unison — beautiful metaphor corresponding to truth. Lovers heart rate is equalized they hold hands, left alone. Let’s give love and gat twice as much in return.

When Lover’s Day celebrated in 2022?

Lover’s Day is observed on April 23 each year.