Halloween - October 31
Tue, Oct 31, 2023


Many people are eagerly awaiting the holiday in honour of All Saints Day, otherwise known as Halloween. This holiday is celebrated on October 31st not only in America, but in many parts of the world. There are a variety of events which take place and bring a splash of color to the celebrations.


It is believed that the holiday originated in Scotland, when the Catholic faith was brought to the United States. People believed that the souls of the dead spent time in Purgatory before ascending to Heaven or Hell, and on October 31st they would celebrate in the church and then visit cemeteries to coax the souls of their deceased relatives with sweets, pastries and fruits.

The tradition of dressing up in costumes is thought to have come from France, as people believed this would ensure they were not recognised by any otherworldly forces and remain safe. Nowadays, people create impressive costumes each year to amaze their fellow participants. This way of expressing oneself has been embraced not only by Americans, but by people from other countries.

Interesting facts

  • The main symbol of the holiday is the Jack-o’-Lantern, a carved pumpkin.
  • Every year, participants wait for the rare occurrence of a full moon on the same day.
  • Girls often use this day to guess the future, including love, family relationships, and more.
  • The famous illusionist Harry Houdini died on Halloween, after being punched in the stomach by a student and exacerbating his appendix.

How to take part

Organizing a party or gathering with your friends is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Get dressed up, put on some makeup and go on an adventure! Decorate your house and yard to add to the atmosphere and don’t forget to take part in the Halloween parade. Sing songs, dance, take pictures, and meet new people – it’s the perfect day to have some fun!

When is Halloween celebrated in 2023?

Halloween is observed on October 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 31 2023
Thursday October 31 2024
Friday October 31 2025
Saturday October 31 2026