Green Monday - December
Mon, Dec 12, 2022

Green Monday

Green Monday is not dedicated to nature, as it might seem at first glance – this is another day of unique sales before Christmas! Everyone can take part in it: just choose the goods that you have been dreaming about for a long time.


The holiday is not as popular as Black Friday, but many stores fuel it with great discounts. Buyers share that today you can find goods at the lowest price if you work hard. It was invented by the eBay online store. Experts of the analytical center published data that on this day big profits come before Christmas.

By prolonging the hype after the famous sales, sellers only win. True, while not everyone considers it necessary to join him. The high level of purchases is explained by the rush to fill baskets for the main holiday of the year. People who did not have time to purchase goods earlier do so about a few weeks before Christmas.

How to celebrate

So it’s Green Monday! Things to do:

  • see online shopping! Do you have items on hold that you haven’t been able to order? Do it today to make sure things arrive by Christmas;
  • put on green clothes – why not? To the questions of others, simply tell about today’s date;
  • bake a green cake and treat your friends to it;
  • think about whether you bought gifts for everyone? As practice shows, we often make mistakes in quantity and at the last moment we acquire trinkets;
  • find great deals and save them. Share them on social networks so that your friends can also enjoy the delights of Green Monday.

Finally, the date exists to remind people that time passes very quickly and Christmas always comes unexpectedly!

When is Green Monday celebrated in 2022?

Green Monday is observed on the second Monday of December each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday December 12 2022
Monday December 11 2023
Monday December 9 2024
Monday December 8 2025
Monday December 14 2026

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